CBD and Chocolate: Everything You Need To Know

CBD and Chocolate: Everything You Need To Know

CBD and Chocolate

Nowadays, you will see many CBD products besides well-liked CBD oil, soft capsules, and vaping devices. There’s a wide range of other CBD products, from nuts, popcorn, drinks and coffee pods to biscuits and gummies.

However, the chocolate infused with CBD stands out in this group of delicacies since it is the best way to satisfy hunger, appeal to your sweet tooth, and replenish your body with healthy nutrients. Plus, an added benefit of these chocolates is the absence of the earthy flavor of CBD.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, CBD for short, is one of over 100 natural cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa plant.

In addition to the natural occurrence of CBD found in a plant, human bodies also contain these cannabinoids; the only distinction is their title. These internal cannabinoids are produced in all mammals and are referred to as endocannabinoids.  Endocannabinoids are these molecules help regulate various functions in your body like pain, stress, mood, immunity and memory.

Endocannabinoids are a part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a cell signaling network found in the human central nervous system, and its primary goal is to maintain the equilibrium of the body's internal functions.

Since CBD works the same as endocannabinoids, it can help maintain the body's homeostasis or equilibrium of our bodies.

Having said that, CBD is considered to have an undesirable flavor on its own, so many CBD vendors opt to manufacture tasty CBD alternatives such as CBD chocolate and gummies. CBD chocolates allow you experience its advantages without tasting its earthy and grassy aftertaste.

Advantages of CBD chocolate

Now that you know CBD chocolate, it's time to delve deeper into why CBD chocolates are good.

Great taste

Combining CBD and chocolate does wonders for softening the hempy taste your experience from sublingually consuming plant-derived cannabinoid. Since CBD includes some terpenes, it may have a degree of a distinctive harsh herb aftertaste that most individuals relate to full-spectrum CBD products or hemp. The terpene-rich aroma of premium CBD can be complemented and covered by the naturally potent sweetness of chocolate.

Customized Dosage of CBD

The fact that chocolate generally contains a high-fat content is a second, but still very important factor. Since CBD is hydrophobic, it needs to mix with different carrier oils to increase bioavailability. Typically, the carrier oil is coconut oil or hemp seed oil.

Since you only need to consume a small amount of CBD oil to have an impact, you can easily make the DIY-dosed chocolates that let you adjust your CBD dosage as necessary.

Prolonged CBD Effects

One of the most vital elements of the chocolate and CBD combo is the intake of CBD chocolate will have a stronger impact. Chocolate contains anandamides which promote the regulation of body functions including mood, appetite and memory.  The presence of these messengers slows the breakdown of CBD, thus extending the impact and boosting the potency of CBD ingestion.

How to Dose CBD Chocolate?

How much CBD chocolate you should consume depends entirely on your intended purpose. Firstly, ensure the items you choose explicitly state the milligrams of CBD included instead of the concentration of hemp extracts.

CBD dosing for each person varies on several variables, including body weight, age, your ECS and whether it's your first-time using CBD or not. As a result, your doctors will decide what dose you require.

However, you can generally start with 10mg of CBD-infused chocolate 2 times a day and continue the dosage for 3-7 days. If you feel no difference, you can increase the dosage to 5mg every seven days to the point where it reaches 50mg daily.

For some individuals, such as those experiencing greater discomfort, a larger dosage might be appropriate. Nevertheless, we always recommend starting with a smaller dose to gauge how you feel after eating CBD chocolate and, if necessary, progressively increase it.

Is CBD Chocolate legal?

Federal law in all US provinces and territories allows the sale of CBD derived from hemp, a particular low-THC variety of cannabis. According to the 2018 hemp farm bill, CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC derived from the hemp plant are federally legal. It’s always best to check the state laws before purchasing CBD chocolates.

Tips for Buying CBD Chocolate 

There are a few factors to check for while purchasing CBD chocolates.

  • Go for a reliable company that uses premium hemp sourced from American farms.
  • Moreover, also check if they use full- or broad-spectrum CBD. The main difference is that although broad-spectrum CBD does not include THC, full-spectrum CBD can contain minute quantities of THC and other compounds.
  • The mg per product and the mg of CBD per serving should be considered. Instead of devouring an entire white chocolate bar at once, you'll probably just eat one chunk of chocolate.
  • Find a business that conducts independent lab testing on its products if you want to evaluate the grade of chocolates infused with CBD.
  • Additionally, you should review the ingredient list. A small amount of organic, non-GMO components should be present in the top CBD products instead of a big list of chemical ingredients.
  • Look at the price of each mg of CBD, not only the product's cost, while comparing two distinct companies' items.

The Takeaway?

CBD chocolates are a delicious way to mask the earthy and bitter flavor of CBD. Moreover, CBD chocolates offer a discrete way to consume CBD. You can better measure the CBD dosage as well when taking CBD chocolates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will CBD chocolate get you high?

Since CBD products must contain only 0.3% of THC to stay in the legal zone, it is not sufficient to get you intoxicated. Moreover, you can also get CBD chocolates that are free from THC.

Can I Bake Food with CBD chocolate?

You can certainly experiment with CBD chocolates when baking different stuff. You can add CBD chocolate to cakes, cookies, pies, etc. however, you should keep in mind to not exceed the temperature above 340F since it will evaporate the beneficial compounds.

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