Our Story

Everyone has a unique life journey. Dawn’s journey with CBD started several years ago when Dawn’s father became sick.  Dawn and her mother battled alongside Dawn’s dad during his struggle with cancer.  During this time, Dawn developed cluster headaches and experienced chronic pain in her neck and hand.  Traditional medicine helped somewhat, but it didn’t provide the complete relief Dawn was looking for.

Although reluctant, Dawn sought alternative avenues for relief and discovered hemp and CBD.    But this discovery was only the beginning.

Over the next several years, Dawn sampled over 100 CBD infused products from various stores and vendors across the United States - from Hawaii to Boston. She also attended several conferences, gaining more and more knowledge, while soliciting feedback from other people about their favorite products. Dawn was on a mission to determine which products provided her with the greatest relief, which were made with the best ingredients, and which were sourced from partners who shared her vision and her values.      

This journey has taken Dawn to the next logical step: to start her own business, called “Mind Body Hemp,” in which she can showcase the CBD infused products which she has tried and enjoyed. She wants to pass on what she learned about the potential benefits of hemp to others, so that their minds and bodies can experience the healing that she has felt. Now, she can help others start their journey to Living Better.

Visiting CBD EXPO conference checking out the best Delta 8 Pre rollsDelta 10