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3CHI - Calm CBD Oil - 500mg

3CHI - Calm CBD Oil - 500mg

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3Chi Calm CBD Oil contains a proprietary blend of calming cannabinoids and terpenes in a convenient THC Free tincture. 3Chi uses organic hemp flower plus botanical derived terpenes. 

Refrigeration is not essential, but encouraged as this will extend the life of your oil.  As with anything new you're starting, we recommend you go slow and start with a low dose.  CBD is a lipid and builds in your body.  You can gradually increase your dose to determine what is the best amount of CBD oil to take. 

  • Type: Broad Spectrum 
  • Carrier Oil: MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride)
  • Taste:  Light flavor oil
  • Bottle size: 30mL
  • CBD Per Bottle/Per Serving: 500mg/16.7mg 
  • Extraction Process: CO2
  • Key Ingredients:  Cannabidiol (CBD) 
  • Final Thoughts: 3CHI is a well respected company who knows their way around the minor cannabinoids and plant based terpenes.  We love that this company uses science and chemists formulate these blends.  There products are manufactured in a cGMP facility and lab tested to ensure potency and that there's no THC.