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iDELT∆8 – Delta 8 Pre roll

iDELT∆8 – Delta 8 Pre roll

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iDELT∆8 Delta 8 Pre roll contains 1.25 grams of premium hemp derived Delta 8 THC.  These babies pack a punch.  Select between a Sativa, Hybrid and Indica variation to fit your mood.   Or, try all of them on for size!

  • Strain: Sativa, Hybrid & Indica- Dominant Hybrid
  • Effect: Euphoria and calm
  • Uses: Uplifting, pain relief and sleep 
  • THC: <0.3%, Farm Bill Compliant
  • Top 3 Terpenes: Unknown
  • Final Thoughts:  Delta 8 delivers on all levels.  It's become a go-to for many who are seeking relief.  Smoking has a pretty quick onset and can leave your body faster.  Start slowly and take additional puffs as necessary.  Don't forget to share!  

All hemp flower is shipped discretely.   Each strain has been tested to ensure it meets the 2018 Farm Bill requirements. All flower contains less 0.3% delta 9 THC. Each strain is tested for mold, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Strawberry Cream (Sativa) -  marvel at the elegant simplicity of some earthling desserts. Merely a few ripened botanical ovaries topped with the sweetened fat of bovine lactation constitutes a delectable delight that is simultaneously scrumptious and satiating. We managed to identically encapsulate this unique flavor profile in a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is sure to reminisce of warm summer days and blissful fruit overconsumption
Blueberry Pie (Hybrid) - With tones of sweet berries, spice, and earthiness, this evenly-balanced hybrid will take you on a splendid journey without staining your mouthparts.  
Wedding Cake (Indica - Dominant Hybrid) - The aroma is sweet and tangy, like the pulsating vital organs of our livestock…or earthling lemon cake. This indica-dominant hybrid is perfect for when you are ready to savor such a pungent snack.