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PACHAMAMA - CBD Oil Variety 6 Pack – 150mg

PACHAMAMA - CBD Oil Variety 6 Pack – 150mg

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New to CBD or just want to try something new but don't which CBD tincture is best for you?  Well, check out this variety pack from Pachamama.  This pack is a collection of six different super-food infused tinctures offered by Pachamama. Each pack comes with a convenient 1mL servicing of the various tinctures.

Take this pack on-the-go or use it to determine which tincture best suites your needs!

This Variety Pack includes a single-use sample of the following:

Create - Ylang Ylang Holy Basil
Detox - Black Pepper Turmeric
Focus - Goji Cacao
Recover - Green Tea Echinacea
Relax - Kava Kava Valerian
The Natural

  • Type: Full Spectrum
  • Carrier Oil: MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride)
  • Taste: Varies depending on vial, see which one you like best! 
  • Flavors (Terpenes):N/A
  • Pack size:6 - 1mL servings
  • CBD Per Pack/Per Serving:150mg/25mg
  • Extraction Process: Patented air extraction, no solvents
  • Key Ingredients: Cannabidiol, plus super-food infused ingredients depending on vial
  • Final Thoughts: These 6 packs are ideal for anyone who isn’t sure which CBD tincture is best suited for them.  In addition to 25mg of CBD, each 1mL is packed with essential oils, micronutrients and antioxidants, are all designed to help you live your best life.  You simply need to determine which area you’d like to focus on.  A convenient pack offers you the opportunity to compare the effects of the different tinctures to determine which blend is best suited for your goals.  Once you determine this, you can easily select the 750mg or 1750mg tincture for your favorite option.