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SLUMBER - Sleep aid - 3 Day Sleep Kit – 30mg (BOGO)

SLUMBER - Sleep aid - 3 Day Sleep Kit – 30mg (BOGO)

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Slumber's CBN Sleep Aid provides a natural alternative to OTC medications and for those who prefer to not use melatonin.  It's formulated with 100% organic hemp grown in Colorado and contains zero THC.  Research surrounding CBN suggests it's ability to induce a sleepy/sedative effect, without producing any psychotropic effects

This convenient 3 Day pack is ideal for someone who is new to CBN or for anyone traveling.  Each pack contains 3 - 1mL vials which can be used for 3 days to help determine if CBN is right for you.  Those wanting more, can purchase the 300mg 30day tincture. 

  • Type: Isolate (THC Free*)
  • Carrier Oil: MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride)
  • Taste: Light taste with a subtle dreamsicle flavor
  • Total Amount: 30mL
  • CBN Per Pack/Per Serving: 30mg per pack/10mg per serving (3 Day Supply)
  • Extraction Process: CO2 extraction
  • Flavors: Light, Dreamsicle
  • Key Ingredients: Cannabinol (CBN) Terpenes: Linalool (Lavender) and Beta Caryophyllene
  • Final Thoughts: We, like more than a third of Americans (according to the CDC) weren't getting enough sleep.  So, we made it our mission to find a natural sleep aid that offered something different than the traditional CBD and melatonin combination.  We discovered Slumber and their amazing work to harness this minor cannabinoid into a sleep aid that's designed to help those who need some extra help with sleep and relaxation at night.     
    For those with concerns about drug testing related to CBD and THC, CBN is a great alternative since it doesn't show up on a drug test.  In addition, those who use CBN say they don't experience a hang-over like they sometimes due from taking melatonin.  And, unlike other natural sleep aids in the CBD market, Slumber's, CBN oil contains only CBN and is not split between CBD and CBN, thus giving you a more concentrated version of the CBN cannabinoid.   

*“THC-free” means THC levels are too low to be detected by standard scientific instruments.