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STRAVA - CBD Coffee - Columbian Coffee (Ground)- 100mg

STRAVA - CBD Coffee - Columbian Coffee (Ground)- 100mg

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You've probably heard about Sträva’s CBD Infused Coffee already.  This Denver based coffee maker was the first coffee company to infuse CBD into coffee and boy did they perfect it! This specialty grade, hand roasted Colombian coffee combined with organically-grown broad-spectrum hemp extract leads to a feeling of alert, a sense of calm and focus.   

Each bag contains 12ounces of ground coffee, perfect for those who don't want to grind their own coffee first.

  • Type: Broad Spectrum
  • Bean Type: 100% Arabica
  • Bean Location Origin: Colombia
  • Taste: Milk Chocolate, Black Cherry, Balanced
  • Total Servings: 25 servicing, approximately
  • CBD Per Bag/Per Servicing: 100mg/4mg
  • Key Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Final Thoughts: Sträva is committed to developing, producing and marketing super-premium products which combine great coffee with healthy, organic hemp extracts. Strava started out as a specialty roaster in 2015, but by 2016, Sträva became an early investor in developing the concept of, and process for producing, hemp/CBD infused coffee. 
    Sträva takes pride in sourcing and roasting specialty-grade coffee beans from the mountainous region of Jericó, Antioquia Colombia. Through a close partnership with Campesino Coffee, a farm-level specialty coffee exporter, Sträva is working to improve both coffee quality and economic opportunity for the farmers and communities growing its coffee beans.
    To brew Sträva’s infused coffees, Strava recommends French Press or Cold Brew as the preferred methods.  We’ve found great delight using Sträva's Peace and Wellness coffee from a drip machine, although a mesh filter allows for you to enjoy the coffee’s natural oils.