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SUNSTATE HEMP - Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture - 1500mg

SUNSTATE HEMP - Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture - 1500mg

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Sunstate Hemp Full Spectrum Hempseed Oil Tinctures contain a total of 1500mg of US grown hemp. This CBD tincture has 30 full droppers.  Each tincture is manufactured in a GMP-certified facility to ensure you are taking the highest quality.  Enjoy these Non-GMO tinctures everyday to achieve your goals.

If you want to take a CBD tincture and are looking for a MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) alternative, Sunstate Full Spectrum Hempseed Oil is perfect.  Hempseed Oil provides the addition of Omega-3s in your diet.   A CBD tincture using hempseed oil is known to be faster acting than  a CBD tincture made with MCT.  In turn, these tinctures may last as long than as the MCT counterparts. 

  • Type: Full Spectrum
  • Carrier Oil: Hempseed Oil
  • Taste: Unflavored offers an earthy, grassy and natural oil flavor. 
  • Total Amount:  30mL
  • CBD Per Bottle/Per Serving: 1500mg/50mg 
  • Key Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD) and Vitamin E
  • Final Thoughts:   Sunstate Hemp should be on the top your list when looking at CBD products.  Their products are made in a US certified GMP facility, using US hemp, which is non GMO.  Many brands don't offer a CBD tincture using hempseed oil.  Hempseed is ideal for those who prefer the additional benefits of takin hempseed oil.